Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

Delicious, smooth and sweet smoothie bowl made with natural ingredi- ents of frozen bananas, mangoes and Osuda’s freeze dried dragonfruit chips that gives the smoothie and powerful dragonfruit flavour along with a great pink colour! Topped with your desired toppings that makes a great breakfast choice.

Tropical Mango Smoothie

Sweet and sour mix of frozen peaches with Osuda’s freeze dried mango chips that makes the smoothie full of the fragrance of mango. Adding a touch of lime juice and sparkling water to give the drink a whole new balance.

Chocolate Banana Breakfast Yogurt

Breakfast and plain greek yogurt could be enhanced and fun by topping it with Osuda’s dark chocolate peanut butter for a rich chocolatey taste and it gets even better when to top it off with granola and any flavours of Osuda’s freeze dried fruit chips to add a touch of nutrients and crunch!

Dark Chocolate PB Toast

Fancy a healthy toast as breakfast? Our premium dark chocolate peanut butter spread is made with 100% fine dark chocolate and roasted peanuts, making it a perfect pair with our naturally sweetened freeze dried fruit chips and a fragrant crunchy toast.