The Beginning

Osuda, brings a meaning of growing up step by step. We started off the business since 2016, focusing more on Matcha relat- ed products. After 2 years, we realized that in Malaysia, the matcha market is quite niche. Therefore, in 2019, we decided to re- brand ourselves and came out with a whole brand new product line of flavored peanut butters and freeze dried fruit chips. The reason we came out with these new prod- ucts is because of we personally love healthy snacks. Therefore, we want to pro- vide everyone something which is tasty yet healthy. We had spent almost a year for R&D to have such wonderful products.

Our Mission



Giving healthy to people is truly the best gift,
as you will only do that to the people you really love. That is our starting point and also the end result that we hope to achieve. We are set on producing healthy products to improve the overall health, as a true gift to everyone.

Brand Values

Healthy | Modern | Appealing | Fun | Taste

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